About Us

Hydrowype exclusion seals, including rod scrapers and wipers, have been in production at Gadjets, Inc. for over 75 years, originating in the 1940's with the initial AN wiper. Today, a wide range of Hydrowype seals including wipers and metal scrapers are available to provide engineered solutions for many applications, from the MS28776-M2 Military Specification copper-alloy scrapers to hybrid designs of scrapers and wipers built from alloys, polymers, elastomers and composite materials.


The core competencies of Gadjets revolve around the production of Annular Form (ring-shaped) specialty seals, constructed primarily of metal, and secondarily of polymers, elastomers and compounds, mostly for reciprocating applications. The foundation product line is the AN-Style rod scraper, an all-metal seal designed to remove contaminants from the surface of a hydraulic or pneumatic rod, as protection against the ingression of harmful contaminants. Essential to the manufacturer of this core product line, are material handling and fabrication, machining, assembly, marking and packaging.


Gadjets staff are highly trained and knowledgeable in the production of exclusions seals. Our staff are immersed in the relevant industry standards including relevant US DOD specifications, notably MIL-R-5049 which describes methods for manufacturing and conformance testing metal rod wipers.

Software & Data

Considerable investment has been made in a cloud-based data repository containing electronic copies of the following: customer specifications, parts collateral – drawings, dimensional sketches, models, etc. Job setup templates/routers, certs and other performance data. Additionally, a set of templates reside within the repository that create machine code (Gcode) to run the CNC machining operations for producing components. The database presently contains some 200 attributes of data for each of approximately 2500 components. These templates generate very efficient Gcode that run in multiple modes including Turning: from Round Bar Stock, Tube, and Annular Forms (Fixtured Rings) as well as in fourth-axis mode for CNC machining of large diameter parts on our in-house Machining Center using a rotary table.


Gadjets operates a QMS audited to ISO9001:2015, with various extensions to permit fulfillment for AS9100 customers. We provide full certification and test conformance documentation.